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U.N. warns sexual violence being used as weapon of war in Ethiopia’s Tigray region - Apr 18, 2021 CBS News

The United Nations warned that sexual violence is being used as a weapon of war in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The accusations are aimed at soldiers on all sides of the conflict. Cara Anna, Africa correspondent for The Associated Press, joins CBSN to discuss the latest on reports of war crimes and other atrocities in Tigray.

Conflict ravages Ethiopia’s Tigray region - Mar 25, 2021 CBS News

Calls for Ethiopia to end a months-long, deadly conflict in the northern Tigray region are intensifying after reports of widespread atrocities. Thousands of people have died and millions were displaced by the fighting. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta joins CBSN AM with more.

Concerns grow over humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region - Feb 20, 2021 CBS News

Ethiopia is moving closer to peace talks in its northern Tigray Region. On Friday, officials in Tigray laid out conditions for negotiations, including unrestricted access to humanitarian aid. Lana Zak spoke with Francesco Rocca, president of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, about the humanitarian crisis in that region.

Ethiopia’s Tigray capital reported to be “heavily bombarded” - Nov 28, 2021 CBS News

Ethiopia’s military has gained full control of the capital of the defiant Tigray region, the army announced Saturday after Tigray TV reported that the city of a half-million people was being “heavily bombarded” in the final push to arrest the region’s leaders.

Ethiopian leader rejects concerns of a brewing civil war as clashes reportedly leave hundreds dead - Nov 08, 2020 CBS News

Johannesburg, South Africa — While much of the world was waiting anxiously for the results of the U.S. presidential election last week, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was sending soldiers to the north of his own country.