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The Guardian

The alleged atrocities in Tigray risk tearing Ethiopia apart - May 09, 2021 The Guardian

Inflicting suffering on millions in the region won’t solve the wider dispute between ethnic nationalism and the state

Ethiopia: 1,900 people killed in massacres in Tigray identified - Apr 01, 2021 The Guardian

Almost 2,000 people killed in more than 150 massacres by soldiers, paramilitaries and insurgents in Tigray have been identified by researchers studying the conflict. The oldest victims were in their 90s and the youngest were infants.

The Guardian view on the war in Ethiopia: Tigray’s civilians need protection - Mar. 25, 2021 The Guardian

Four months of fighting have seen massacres, sexual violence and attacks on medical facilities and refugee camps. The culture of impunity must end List compiled by researchers of victims of mass killings includes infants and people in their 90s