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Biden says humanitarian access must be granted in Ethiopia’s Tigray region - May 27, 2021 Reuters

President Joe Biden called on Wednesday for the withdrawal of Eritrean and Amhara forces from Ethiopia’s Tigray region and said immediate humanitarian access must be granted to avoid widespread famine in the conflict-torn area.

Thousands have been killed and about 2 million people forced from their homes in Tigray after conflict erupted between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and the Ethiopian military last November. Troops from the neighboring region of Amhara and the nation of Eritrea entered the war to support the government.

Eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers detain hundreds in Tigray - May 25, 2021 Reuters

Eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers forcibly detained more than 500 young men and women from four camps for displaced people in the town of Shire in the northern region of Tigray on Monday night, three aid workers and a doctor told Reuters.

Ethiopian Orthodox Church head says genocide is taking place in Tigray - May 09, 2021 Reuters

The head of Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church has said that atrocities amounting to genocide are being committed in Tigray, in his first comments on the conflict in the region that broke out in November and has killed thousands. “Nowadays, all over Ethiopia in general and in Tigray in particular, many barbarisms have been conducted,” he said.

Later in the video, he said: “Genocide is being committed now,” before describing alleged atrocities such as the raping of women and the bombing and other types of destruction of churches.

Ethiopia’s crackdown on ethnic Tigrayans snares thousands - May 07, 2021 Reuters

Across Ethiopia, Tigrayans are being fired and jailed since fighting erupted in their home region. The tensions are complicating efforts to end one of the world’s bitterest civil conflicts and threatening the unity of the country. The allegations come in the wake of reports of major rights abuses in Tigray – including mass killings of civilians and gang rapes of Tigrayan women. In April, Reuters detailed accounts of women tortured and raped in conditions that a regional official described for the first time as “sexual slavery.”

U.S. sees no sign of Eritrean withdrawal from Tigray, urges pullout - Apr 22, 2021 Reuters

The U.S. government has seen no evidence of a withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Ethiopia’s Tigray region despite Eritrea’s assurances that they would pull out, the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday.

Eritrea admits presence in Ethiopia’s Tigray, tells U.N. withdrawing - Apr 16, 2021 Reuters

Eritrea told the United Nations Security Council on Friday that it has agreed to start withdrawing its troops from Ethiopia’s Tigray region, acknowledging publicly for the first time the country’s involvement in the conflict.

Health official alleges ‘sexual slavery’ in Tigray - Apr 15, 2021 Reuters

The young mother was trying to get home with food for her two children when she says soldiers pulled her off a minibus in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, claiming it was overloaded.

U.S. expresses concern over Tigray crisis to Ethiopian deputy PM -White House - Apr 08, 2021 Reuters

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan expressed U.S. concerns over the crisis in the Tigray region in a call with Ethopia’s deputy prime minister, Demeke Mekonnen, the White House said on Thursday.

‘You don’t belong’: land dispute drives new exodus in Ethiopia’s Tigray - Mar 29, 2021 Reuters

The dusty buses keep coming, dozens a day, mattresses, chairs and baskets piled on top. They stop at schools hurriedly turned into camps, disgorging families who describe fleeing from ethnic Amhara militia in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

Men forced to rape family members in Ethiopia’s Tigray, says U.N. - Mar 25, 2021 Reuters

More than 500 rape cases have been reported to five clinics in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, the United Nations said on Thursday, warning that due to stigma and a lack of health services the actual numbers were likely to be much higher.

U.N. calls for stop to ‘horrific’ sexual violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray - Mar 23, 2021 Reuters

A dozen top United Nations officials on Monday called for a stop to indiscriminate and targeted attacks against civilians in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, particularly calling out reports of rape and “other horrific forms of sexual violence.”

U.N. seeks access to Ethiopia’s Tigray for war crimes probe - Mar 4, 2021 Reuters

GENEVA (Reuters) - The United Nations’ human rights chief asked Ethiopia on Thursday to allow monitors into Tigray to investigate reports of killings and sexual violence that may amount to war crimes in the northern region since late 2020.

Hundreds of buildings burned around Tigray town, research group says - Feb 25, 2021 Reuters

Fires that appear to have been deliberately set destroyed more than 500 structures this week in and around Ethiopia’s Gijet town, an analysis of satellite imagery shared with Reuters has found, adding credence to reports of continued conflict in parts of the northern region of Tigray.

U.N. pushes for war crimes probe in Tigray - Dec 23, 2020 Reuters

The United Nations has appealed for tens of millions of dollars to help refugees from Ethiopia’s Tigray and wants a team on the ground in the northern Ethiopian region to investigate alleged violations of human rights. Emer McCarthy reports.