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Sky News

Ethiopia violence: Rape as a weapon of war in Tigray conflict - Mar 26, 2021 Sky News

Sky News has uncovered evidence of the mass rape of civilians by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers in the conflict in the province of Tigray.

Ethiopia: Hundreds executed, thousands homeless - the human cost of fighting in Tigray - Mar 17, 2021 Sky News

The breadth and depth of human suffering in the Ethiopian region of Tigray is perfectly clear to humanitarian workers, human rights groups and the international diplomatic community.

Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict: A human tide of refugees - with little to keep them alive - Mar 22, 2021 Sky News

The Tsehaye Elementary School in Shire, Ethiopia, offers some sort of sanctuary, a place of refuge for people on the run.

Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: Thousands flee civil war fought in the shadows that could tear country apart - Nov 23, 2020 Sky News

There is a civil war in Ethiopia that is being fought largely in the shadows. The country’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, and his government have imposed a full blackout as they seek to defeat the leadership of the region of Tigray.