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UN demands full inquiry after Telegraph reveals potential white phosphorus burns in Ethiopia’s war - May 25, 2021 The Telegraph

Experts say injuries consistent with white phosophorus, which is banned for use against humans

Exclusive: Ethiopians suffer horrific burns in suspected white phosphorus attacks - May 24, 2021 The Telegraph

Weapons experts said images obtained by the Telegraph show injuries consistent with the chemical

Ethiopia’s leader says atrocities reported in Tigray war - Mar 23, 2021 The Telegraph

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — Ethiopia’s leader on Tuesday said atrocities have been reported in Tigray, his first public acknowledgment of possible war crimes in the country’s northern region where fighting persists as government troops hunt down its fugitive leaders.

‘You should have finished off the survivors’: Ethiopian army implicated in brutal war crime video - Feb 19, 2021 The Telegraph

Cameraman tells soldiers to ‘finish off survivors’ in exclusive video seen by Telegraph that appears to be evidence of slaughtered civilians

Eritrea’s brutal shadow war in Ethiopia laid bare - Jan 08, 2021 The Telegraph

New video backs extensive Telegraph reports pointing towards egregious abuses, including massacres and pillaging The extent of Eritrea’s involvement in Ethiopia’s brutal civil war has been exposed after an Ethiopian general was caught on camera admitting soldiers from the secretive gulag-state had been conscripted to fight in his country.