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UN: Tigray’s humanitarian crisis worsens, no Eritrean exit - Apr 15, 2021 WP

The U.N. humanitarian chief is warning that the grave humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region is deteriorating, with no sign of Eritrean troops withdrawing and alarmingly widespread reports of systematic rape and other sexual violence mainly by men in uniform.

In Sudan’s sweltering camps, refugees from Tigray dream of independence from Ethiopia - Mar 26, 2021 WP

“Tigray is my world, and I feel that I have lost my world,” said Negusti Woldeselassie, 40, who fled to Sudan from Ethiopia’s Tigray region, where a ruthless war has pitted Ethiopia’s former political leaders, accused of amassing military might while favoring their own ethnic group for decades, against a new government.

Opinion: A key U.S. ally in Africa is massacring civilians. Can Biden stop it? - Mar 03, 2021 WP

Reports of war crimes in Ethiopia’s Tigray will test Biden?s commitment to human rights.

Massacre by Eritrean troops in Ethiopia’s Tigray region may constitute crime against humanity, Amnesty says - Feb 26, 2021 WP

Ethiopian and Eritrean forces committed war crimes during an offensive to take control of the town of Axum in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region late last year, with one massacre by Eritrean troops a potential crime against humanity, according to a report released by Amnesty International on Thursday.